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Guide to Costa Rica North Pacific & Guanacaste Province

The province of Guanacaste is the area of Costa Rica that receives the least amount of rain fall each year. Once the last rains end in early November, the skies won't see a cloud again, usually, until early May. For all of the above, if you are planning a vacation to Costa Rica .

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Best Beaches in Costa Rica - Travelers' Choice Awards ...

TripAdvisor - Travelers' Choice Awards. Find out what the best beaches in Costa Rica are as awarded by millions of real travelers.

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Costa Rica Northern Region - Arenal Volcano - Monteverde

North Region . The energetic Arenal volcano. The energetic Arenal volcano is the main attraction in this part of the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. The summit of the Arenal Volcano, rising 1,633 meters (5,436 feet) above sea level and continuously active since 1968, towers far above the northern .

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Maps of Costa Rica | Where is Costa Rica Located?

Costa Rica is one of the most popular retirement havens in Central America. But when it comes to choosing a location to live, there are a lot of choices. With diverse climates and landscapes, Costa Rica .

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Northern Puntarenas Costa Rica - Tropical Discovery

Northern Puntarenas, Costa Rica Islands, surfing and nature reserves. Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica. Its coasts are decked by plenty of islands, inlets, beaches and beautiful natural treasures, which make Puntarenas .

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(2019) Best Beaches In Costa Rica: Northern Pacific ...

ABOUT THE NORTHERN PACIFIC / GUANACASTE BEACHES. Choosing a coastal beach area (such as one of Costa Rica's Northern Pacific / Guanacaste beaches) to visit during your Costa Rica trip can be a stressful, time consuming, and pull-your-hair-out frustrating part of vacation planning.

Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula Travel and Vacation Guide

Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica Peninsula de Nicoya, Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The Nicoya Peninsula is separated from the mainland of Costa Rica by the Gulf of Nicoya and the Tempisque estuary. From its northern .

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Top Places To See In Northern Costa Rica - Suitcase Stories

Jul 26, 2013 · In fact, I am sure this post could have been a top 20, so we have broken the list down to 'north' and 'south'. Today we start with the top end of the country and our list of Top Places To See In Northern Costa Rica . Volcan Arenal. This is probably one of the best known attractions in Costa Rica and there is a reason for that.

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Northern Costa Rica | Costa Rica Adventure Travel

Northern Costa Rica is a wonderous region with diverse plant and animal life. Book Costa Rica adventure travel to catch a glimpse of a Quetzal while you hike the rainforests.

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Differences Between the Caribbean and Pacific Coast of ...

Dec 22, 2017 · What is the best side of Costa Rica to stay on? What side of Costa Rica has better beaches? What are the differences between the Caribbean and Pacific coast of Costa Rica? How can I visit both? These are some questions that people ask us when they are planning their vacation. Although we recommend ...

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Costa Rica Travel Guide Tortuguero Northern Caribbean

Costa Rica's Northern Caribbean is a beacon of Ecotourism. Its beaches serve as the nesting grounds for turtles. Enjoy observing nature at its finest!

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13 Best Beaches in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Experts

Costa Rica is defined by its location: tucked between the shorelines of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. With such an expansive shoreline, the beaches of Costa Rica are diverse, with unique and .

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16 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica | U.S. News Travel

Ranking of the top 16 things to do in Costa Rica. Travelers favorites include #1 Nicoya Peninsula, #2 Arenal Volcano and more.

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Birding in Northern Costa Rica: Tanagers to Toucans

Add to your birding life list as you join expert naturalists in Costa Rica's northern habitats for explorations of the lowlands of Sarapiquí, the wetlands of Caño Negro National Park, the lush rainforests of Arenal Volcano National Park and a private refuge along the Gulf of Nicoya.

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Things to Do in Tortuguero National Park 2018 | Costa Rica ...

The northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is home to mass turtle nestings. Four different species of sea turtles come to Tortuguero annually for the "arribada" or mass sea turtle nesting. Visit Tortuguero .

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Northern Guanacaste | Best of Costa Rica

Northern Guanacaste harbours an important portion of the costa rican cultural and natural patrimony. Not in vain there is a significant number of protected areas, including coastal, mountainous, terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems, where life develops with exuberance.

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Northern Weather Region - Costa Rica

The northern weather region spans from the north of Alajuela through the cloud forests of Monteverde, past Ciudad Quesada and Lake Arenal to the Nicaraguan border.

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Northern Costa Rica - Arenal, Monteverde & Sarapiqui

The Northern Zone is the agricultural center of Costa Rica where the fields and plantations outnumber the people. Although the population density is lower in the Northern Zone than other regions in Costa Rica, you'll still find a lot of people and activity in La Fortuna, The Arenal Volcano National Park, Monteverde and Sarapiquí.

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Rail transport in Costa Rica - Wikipedia

Rail transport in Costa Rica is primarily under the stewardship of Incofer (Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles), an autonomous institution of the state. Incofer owns the national railway infrastructure and operates virtually all freight and passenger services, which consist primarily of commuter trains through the highly populated Central Valley.

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Northern Plains | Visit Costa Rica | Costa Rica Tourism ...

With its several protected areas, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls, the Northern Zone is undergoing a boom in tourism service and adventure site development, so that nature-loving visitors can enjoy the region's many riches.

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Best Places to Live in Costa Rica: Five Top Expat Havens

Jul 10, 2018 · The Best places to live in Costa Rica including five top expat havens where you can live in your dream in this beautiful country and take advantage of all it. The best mountain towns, beach towns and cities in Costa Rica .

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